Heiian Conglomerate is pleased to offer our services to support Caldari Militia as well as any neutral organizations living in the Black Rise region. We have partnered with dozens of groups throughout the Northwest of Black Rise — Corporations committed to improving the life of its residents through convenience, unity, defense, and supply. These services however cost billions a month, not just in the fuel costs to keep them online but the ship cost to keep them alive.

The Objective

HECON’s objectives for our renter program are outlined below:

  • Establish a steady income from corporation offices to maintain services on Citadels.
  • Supply the Caldari Militia and its allies with jump clone, industry, market, and staging services across the warzone.
  • Provide safe havens for people to dock at for sieging systems.
  • Provide safe havens in non-station systems for people to run PI on hauler alts, with free-ported citadels for them to use.
  • Provide POCOs in many systems to best accommodate people’s needs.
  • Provide a market for pilots to use to fit up ships and engage in combat.
  • Provide protection for industrial characters looking to branch into low-sec for a higher source of income.
  • Provide extensive stocks of defensive ships available to the general militia in the event of sieges, to maintain control and order within the constellation.

The Opportunity

What we can offer you that you don’t already get by using our free-ported citadels if you become a renter.

  • Access to our Industry Raitarus, which have been rigged for specific uses and provide a generous low tax rate.
  • Lower taxes on all services. Jump clones, market and industry will have a lower tax rate for anyone participating in the rental program.
  • Guaranteed access to the citadel even during a siege event, when the stations go under lockdown.
  • Lower taxes on the POCO’s, from 4% to 2%. Even light use of the POCO’s for personal income should offset well more than the cost of renting from us.
    • Asakai: 7 POCO’s
    • Elunala: 5 POCO’s
    • Ikoskio: 9 POCO’s
    • Muskegi: 6 POCO’s
    • Vaaralen: 9 POCO’s
  • Blues with Heiian Conglomerate, guaranteeing we will not touch any of your industrial characters should we stumble upon them in a belt, at a POCO, etc.

The Solution

Below is outlined the exact specifics of usage on our services:

  • Caldari Militia corporations looking to work with us can buy a corporation office from us within the Fortizar for 10 million ISK. This will not only open up the Fortizar for staging corporation assets, it will grant you access to our entire Astrahus Citadel Network, currently sitting at 8 Astrahus and climbing, where you can stage your ships, buy corporation offices for 1 million ISK, and safely dock whether a system is owned by Caldari or not.
    • Any Caldari Militia corporation that has a neutral corporation that does Industry can include that within the same rental agreement.
  • Industry corporations looking to work with us can buy a corporation office from us within the Fortizar for 10 million ISK a month. This will not only lower the taxes on the Fortizar, but grant access to all industrial citadels for construction of ships and modules as well as research.
    • Taokeru Shipyard is rigged for a 4.8% material reduction in T1 Frigates, Cruisers, and Modules.
    • Taokeru Adv. Shipyard is rigged for a 3.8% material reduction in T2 Frigates, Cruisers, and Components.
  • Once you are a renter, additional corporation offices at any Astrahus or Raitaru citadel will be only 1 million ISK.
  • Renters can request additional structures and features from us and we will investigate the cost effectiveness of those choices on a per-request basis.
  • Taxes will be lowered as following:
    • Industry Taxes
      • Everyone: 6%
      • Renters: 3%
    • Market Taxes
      • Everyone: 2%
      • Renters: 1%
    • Reprocessing Taxes
      • Everyone: 2%
      • Renters: 1%
    • POCO Taxes
      • Everyone: 4%
      • Renters 2%


Caldari Militia has a well-deserved reputation for defense of its static assets in space. Heiian Conglomerate in its history has never lost a Citadel to an opposing force. However, faced with the fact that an opposing group could potentially stage from our own Citadels in order to attack them, if a citadel becomes reinforced, the following will happen.

  • The reinforced Astrahus, Raitaru or Fortizar Citadel will no longer be free ported.
  • All renters and allies of Heiian Conglomerate will continue to be able to dock.
  • Unaffiliated alts will lose access to the Citadel that has been reinforced until defense has been completed.
  • Friendly fire on the Fortizar may occur. During a situation where defense of the citadel is required, the point defense batteries are indiscriminate in the targets they hit. All renters are expected to be especially cautious during this time that they do not float outside of tether range or they may be attacked by the Citadel.

Closing Notes

We look forward to working with the Caldari Militia and its allies and supporting your efforts to improve your quality of life, be it for Industry or the endless war against the Gallente militia. We are confident that we can meet the challenges ahead, and stand ready to collaborate with you in delivering an effective Citadel and POCO solution.

Anyone that rents will gain access to a mailing list that we will use to send updates regarding adjustments to tax rates or notifications of the siege of one of our Citadels and the status of lockdown.

If you have questions regarding our services, or would like to contact somebody to join our network, please send an email to Subsparx, or join the “HECON Pub” in game to talk with our membership.

Thank you for your consideration,
Executor of Heiian Conglomerate