Getting set up on all of the alliance services has been made as streamlined as possible through out new AUTH system.

Step 1. Go to Click on AUTH, register an account, and then login. Ignore the SSO login icon for now. You have to create an account and add an API first. Once that is done you can login using SSO from that point forward.

hecon1 hecon2

Step 2. One logged in, click on API Keys on the left, hit the green Add Key button, and then use one of the two links at the top to create an API. If you are in Crimson Serpent Syndicate or Academy, you are required to provide a full API key in it’s entirety. If you are in another alliance corporation, whether you use a full or one without MailBodies is up to your CEO’s discretion. At the time of writing this guide, only CSSYN corporations require this. Make sure to click No Expiry, then input the new API key ID and vCode and hit the large blue Add Key button.

hecon3 hecon4 hecon5

Step 3. Go to the Characters page that now appears, and hit Make Primary on your main character that is in alliance. Once you do this, you should see a large number of new options appear. The one we care about right now is Alliance Services.

hecon6 hecon7

Step 4. Hit the yellow check box to begin account creation for Forums and TeamSpeak. For the forums, the account username and password are provided, and you can now log in and change your passwords.


Step 5. Click on Join Server to have it automatically login to TeamSpeak and rename your account as required, as well as set your alliance group. Then, back on the website, hit continue to verify that it is you on the server.. Voila, in the next 30 minutes you will have your corp tag and permissions added on TeamSpeak.


Step 6. Get in the action! Use the forums, register for Jabber, and most of all have fun. You now have everything you need to be a fully involved member of our alliance!